Nothing Is Cooler Then The Polar Pillow

inTIMidator June 2, 2011

I might be in the minority, but I find myself flipping my pillow several times a night just to get the “cool” side of the pillow. Well if you’re like me, the “Polar Pillow” is the solution all of us pillow flippers have been looking for! The Polar Pillow is a two chambered pillow that features a special cooling gel on one side and plush filling on the other. From the pictures the pillow doesn’t look that big. Which does concern me, because my Transformers pillow case is normal sized. Also, in addition to the small size, the pillow cost $99, which puts it about $80 out of my pillow budget. Sorry Polar Pillow, but you have to find a different head to cool.
Check out the Polar Pillow website: Polar-Pillow


“PolarPillow is a scientifically-formulated COOLING PILLOW that uses specialized gel technology to generate coolness.

  • PolarPillow’s endothermic gel technology uses the coolness of ambient room temperature to dissipate body heat.
  • PolarPillow contains 200 ounces of gel in order to generate coolness for hours on end.
  • PolarPillow is encased in a soft woven material with a coating that resists the transfer of moisture and keeps the gel pliable and comfortable.
  • PolarPillow requires no set-up or maintenance.
  • PolarPillow requires no electricity or refrigeration.”

Story via: Wired