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Rosie Jones UK Hotness

CoolStuffHunter July 12, 2011

Our Dudette, or UK Hotness of the day is the amazingly sexy Rosie Jones. Rosie Jones, for those of you who don’t know her yet, is a British model who was born 19 July 1990 (age 20) in Middlesex, England, and owns the cover of just about every dude’s (or lad) magazine in the UK. Currently Jones is a full time model, mostly for Page 3, Nuts, Loaded, FHM and Front, along with other men’s magazines. In addition to being a beautiful model Ms. Jones also holds the title of Guinness World Record holder for “The most bras worn and removed in 1 minute” (Her record was seven by the way). If being a world record holder wasn’t awesome enough, she was also voted by over a million votes to be the No.1 Sexiest Babe of 2010 by In celebration of our discovery of her, and her world record, we’ve compiled a safe for work (SFW), but not really SFW, gallery for some of her sexiest shots. Let us know what you think, but most of all, enjoy!

Nuts Video: Rosie Jones Cover Star!

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Some photos via: djmick and Nuts