12 lb. Eagle Challenge Burger

inTIMidator August 17, 2011

The Cool Dude Food department is always look for awesome food and food challenges. The Eagle’s Challenge satisfies both of those requirements. Eagle’s Deli and Restaurant is located in Brighton, MA is the home of many different burger challenges and just plan old yummy looking hamburgers, but the craziest by far is the Eagle’s Challenge! The Eagle Challenge Burger is 5lbs of burger, 20pcs of bacon, 20pcs of American cheese, 5lbs of fries, 1 deli pickle, and a fountain soda. Oh, and did I mention that you only have an hour to finish it? Ya, if you don’t finish it, it’s $59.99. But, there is one savior among us… “Furious Pete.” Check out how the Eagle Challenge Burger became the Furious Pete Burger in the video below. P.S.
Man vs. Food
didn’t even do it…

Check out their website at EaglesDeli.com

Eagle’s Deli Burger – 12 LBS OF FOOD – First Person Ever to Finish – Furious Pete Exclusive

I also found a before and after picture of this poor soul that decided to take on the challenge… He doesn’t look so good. Haha!