Cool Invention Of The Week – PumpTire: Self Inflating Bicycle Tire

inTIMidator August 28, 2011

Here at Cool Dude Stuff we love cool invention! This week we’ve selected “PumpTire” as our Cool Invention Of The Week. The PumpTire is like the ultimate run flat tire for bicycling. Using a constant pump of air, through a squishing a straw like system, the tire stays inflated. Now if they could just invent this for my car, I’d be all set.

PumpTire: “Imagine taking your bicycle out of the garage and never having to fill up the tires or even check the pressure. Or imagine yourself being able to change your tire pressure on-the-fly with a simple adjustment from the handlebars. Our project is to bring two self-inflating bicycle tires to market, the City Cruiser and City Pro. Both tires are intended for the urban cyclists and both tires incorporate the patented PumpTire technology.” - KickStarter

Below is the current progress of the PumpTire, so if you feel motivated check it out and give’em a buck!

Story via: Dvice and KickStarter