Top 5 Man Cave Essentials

inTIMidator September 15, 2011

There are few place where a man can be a man. We don’t have the kitchen, we don’t really have the bathroom, and then bedroom, well no one’s happy unless she’s happy, am I right?  That is why us men have invented the “Man Cave.” The Man Cave is the place in the house (or out of the house in some cases) where a man can feel free to really be a man. You know, fart at will, say sexist comments, and scratch yourself with out feeling ashamed. Our sanctuary from our woman driven life, if you will. And with any good or respectable man cave there are a few decor items that really give it that man cave feel, or ambiance.

#1 Man Cave Sign

The first item on our list to define our place or worship as a true man cave is a sign. The man cave sign says a lot about your man cave. Some signs are are related to your favorite sport where as some are just plane funny. Either way you go your fine. The main purpose of the man cave sign is to strike fear in the heart of woman and make them run the other way (unless their bringing you more beer).  You can find this sign on: Amazon for $8.99.

#2 Personalized Man Cave Dart Board

Having something personalized is extra bounce points with any true man cave. And with any room you like to spend a lot time in you’ll want to have something to do in there other then just stare at the wall. So why not throw some shit at it!

The darts is a great conversation and drinking game. That’s why you see it in a lot of bars. And no matter how you plan it’s OK to suck at darts. It’s not as noticeable, where as pool or poker you see the balls on the table or the stack of chips piling up. Huge fan of darts in the man cave. You can find this personalized man cave dart board on: Amazon

#3 Mancave Neon Clock

Ok, ok… There’s no time in the man cave, but neon clocks are cool and personalized (like I said above) score extra points. My suggestion with this item is to keep the neon plugged in and leave it 5:00. That way it’s always drinking time! You can find this awesome man cave clock on: Amazon for $45.75.


#4 Personalized Man Cave Coaster Set

It’s those little things that make it your place. You would normally think about what you’re putting your beer on, but if you had it personalized for your man cave… Now that’s a coaster! Hell with water rings, this is manly!  These non-skid cork base coasters that can personalize with both first name, last name and established year can be found on: Amazon

#5 Personalized German Style Ceramic Stein

Finally, there’s one more thing to make your man cave complete, and no, it’s not a big screen TV (that’s a gimme), personalized German style steins! Every good old school drinking moving will have the characters drinking out of steins. Mugs are for the bar and the steak pit. Steins are for the man cave. Having a stein says to people that you don’t just drink the cheap beer on tap during happy hour, your the type a man likes a real beer. You’re a beer aficionado, one who cares about taste and has a more developed pallet for real taste, and most of all you care. You can find these steins on: Amazon


It’s your man can and you want to build it with style. Take these tips and then find your own. Just remember personalization is key. Your sanctuary is where you want to spend time with you and your man friends… Make it yours.