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Real Live Hoverboard!

inTIMidator October 19, 2011

We’ve all seen “Back to the Future Part II,” when Marty McFly travels to the future and flies a hoverboard around town square. All myth right? Wrong! These guys at Tel-Aviv University have found a way to lock a magnetic field in three dimensional space. They call the effect “Quantum Levitation.” Very cool. Also, I’ve included a video of some guys at the University of Paris have created, which is, yes… A real live HOVERBOARD! Even more cool. Check it out.

Quantum Levitation

A thin superconductor layer (~1µm thick) is coated on a sapphire wafer. Quantum physics tells us that the magnetic field penetrates into the superconductor in the form of discrete flux tubes. The superconductor strongly pins these tubes, causing  it to float in midair. This effect is called ‘quantum levitation’.

University of Paris’s Hoverboard

How Quantum Levitation Works

  • Goatdubbs

    So now we just need to have roads paved with magnets and hoverboards soaked in dry ice… Sounds functional!