The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book: Part 3 (Halloween Edition)

CoolStuffHunter October 26, 2011

She’s done it before and I think that she’s going to do it again. Melanie Iglesias has, yes, made another Flip Book. This time it’s the Halloween Edition, and we all know that what means, costumes! In case haven’t seen the first two, Melanie Iglesias (Maxim Mag.’s 2010 home town hottie) rips off her crazy outfits in a stop motion fashion of about 2,000 photos into a sexy montage strip tease. A must see. Check out The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book: Part 3 (Halloween Edition).

And in case you missed it, here’s part 2: Melanie Iglesias Flip Book Part 2


Hey everyone! As promised, here is part 3 of The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book. I had so much fun making this one and I’m so happy to share it with you.

In this special Halloween Edition (Finale), I wear 15 different Halloween costumes, sponsored by!

This one in particular took a little longer between changes because of so many different styles including hair and makeup but it was still a blast. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Please don’t drink and drive! Always remember to assign a designated driver.

The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book is a stop motion video made up of approximately 2,000 photos featuring Melanie Iglesias changing into different outfits. Photographed by Michael Creagh in just one take. No photos have been retouched.

Watch behind the scenes footage of this Flip Book:

For the sexiest Halloween costumes visit

Music: “Free Fall” by Grand Staff. Go to to get all 3 songs featured in the Melanie Iglesias Flip Book.

Special THANK YOU to Sxephil and the rest of the Philly D nation for their undying support and feedback. Love you guys! You’re awesome.

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