GoDaddy’s Sexy Body Paint Girl – Natalia Velez

CoolStuffHunter January 25, 2012

This one took a little bit of digging… But we found her.

Colombian model Natalia Velez during the filming of the GoDaddy commercial set to run during this years Super Bowl. is known for its racy attention grabbing commercials, especially around super bowl time.  This year is going to be no exception. GoDaddy is pulling out all the stops and has purchased two 30-second Super Bowl ads that are going to set them back an estimated $3.5 million per slot – stats via Time. The $7 million might seem like a lot, but it might just be worth it though, seeing how the ads will reach upwards of 100 million sets of eyeballs (now lets see 100m people/$7m is about $.07 per person? If that math is right, that’s not too bad. And that doesn’t take into account the “YouTube” affect). But having that type of access to people’s attention for only 30 seconds means you better make it A) remember-able and B) somehow worth $7 freak’n million dollars. For help on part “A,” GoDaddy has enlisted the help of several sexy and iconic females; race car driving, Danica Patrick; shapely fitness guru, Jillian Michaels; and an unknown sexy nude model… Colombian model Natalia Velez.

The sexy Colombian, Natalia Velez (age 26), is kind of an unknown in the US, but I have a good feeling that she has the ASSets to make it here though. Her latest appearance in the US mainstream is going to be upcoming Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy, where she plays a nude model being painted by Ms. Patrick and Ms. Michaels (This somehow is going to make you want buy .CO domains). Natalia doesn’t have any speaking lines, but she definitely does her job of standing there looking really hot.

 So to get all of you guys ready for both the new Super Bowl ads coming Feb. 5th and Natalia Velez, hopefully entrance to the US entertainment industry, we’ve compiled a HUGE gallery of her Besame lingerie photo shoot. For more behind the scenes footage and photos of the GoDaddy commercial check out USAToday – “Super Bowl ads get racier, but does sex really sell?” Enjoy the gallery!

Below is one of two of the new 2012 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercials. This is probably going to be the only that will be featuring Ms Velez, but we’re grateful for what we get:

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USATodaySuper Bowl ads get racier, but does sex really sell?