Sexy 2012 Disney Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar By J. Scott Campbell

CoolStuffHunter January 17, 2012

It’s a new year and we have to get a new calendar on the wall. Today we present you with an alternative to the “normal” pin-up girls, a Disney Pin-Up calendar. Yeah, I know it sound strange and kind of lame, but check out the smoken hot princesses! It kind of reminds me of the “GEN-13″ comics (really dorky throwback).

The calendar is not the first of its kind. The artist, J. Scott Campbell, has been creating these master peaces for a few years now (see Bitrebels). This year, he’s done it again with 19 more beautifully drawn Disney characters in miniscule (NSFW) clothes. If you want to get the calendar, you can it at J. Scott Campbell’s website for just $25. Enjoy the freebees below!

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