5 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Dude Worthy

CoolStuffHunter February 13, 2012

It’s that time of year again when guys start to sweat because they have to come up with something to get that special lady in your life something for Valentine’s Day. Personally I hate Valentine’s Day, but we still need to play ball. So we’ve come up with our top 5 Dude Worthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas. If we left anything out, let us know in the comments below!

1. Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display only $79.99: Kindle

It’s under $100, it’s tech-e and if she likes to read, it the perfect gift. The “Kindle’s high-contrast E Ink display delivers clear, crisp text and images that you can read without eye strain. For extended periods of reading, E Ink displays deliver the best reading experience.” – Amazon

2. Sex Checks: 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom $9.95: Sex Checks

Ok, they’re not exactly dude worthy, but if you can get you woman to allow these as an acceptable exchange, then they are totally dude worthy. “Who says money can’t buy you love? Issued by the “World Bank of Savings and Love” these playful checks offer a diverse portfolio of options for the shy and adventurous alike, with fill-in-the-blanks and check-box prompts. The checkbook includes 30 IOUs and 30 UOMEs, making it easy for you to get back what you give. Best of all, these checks are guaranteed not to bounce (unless you’re into that)!” – Amazon

3. i-Ecko 4GB Valentines Day USB Designer Wrist Band (Pink) $13.50: i-Ecko Valentines Day USB

We might all be moving to cloud storage in the next few years but for now we can still get away with giving the old USB drive as a gift. It’s cheap and still can pull off the a cool vibe. “The i-Ecko Pink USB Designer Wrist Band is the perfect way to show your courage, strength and support for Breast Cancer Research. Support women everywhere with an eco-friendly USB wrist band – the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day or any celebration.” – Amazon

4. Sex Bell – Ring For Sex $11.99: Practical Joke Adult Gag Gift Sex Bell

What a great idea! Just image you’re sitting in bed, and she’s in the other room folding your laundry or cooking for you and you want sex. Why yell or snap your fingers like normal when you can simply ring your sex bell! “This decorative novelty gag gift bell is perfect for the wild animal on your gift list! Makes a great stocking stuffer during the holiday season, adult gift for lovers, husbands, wives”- Amazon

5. Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Pearl Pink $169.95: Nintendo 3DS

If she a gamer, this is the perfect gift. “Modern handheld gaming has long been dominated by Nintendo and Sony. Each hardware manufacturer has multiple viable offerings derived either directly, or evolving from the respective DS and PlayStation Portable product lines. All of these devices are impressive multifunctional devices, with designs meant to encourage gameplay on the go, integration with the Internet, backwards compatibility to previous games, and so on, but each goes about this in different ways. Taking a few minutes to examine the main features, and getting more familiar with available options, accessories and possible limitations of each handheld is the optimal way to determine which is the best choice for a player.” – Amazon