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inTIMidator February 29, 2012

Yes… It’s that time again. That time of the day/night/week when I’ve found so much cool stuff that I can’t post it fast enough and I just give up. So here you go. Here is some of that awesome around the web action you all love so much.

  • TheChive – Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)
  • TheCrimsonCrow – Top 10 Gmail Tips And Tricks
  • TurdFerguson – Nicaraguan Dad Takes Son To Whore House So He Can Become “Macho”
  • GuysGab – Why Are Americans Becoming Beer Snobs?
  • DumpADay – This Weeks Top Ten Demotivational Posters
  • GeekOSystem – Former Quarterback Demolishes Record for Longest Paper Airplane Throw
  • GeeksAreSexy – A Geeky Tribute to Magnum P.I. [T-Shirt]
  • ManKindUnplugged – Interview: Jamie McMurray Talks NASCAR… and Washing His Hands 40 Times A Day
  • GearPatrol – Shaw Speed & Custom XL1200R
  • TheBachelorGuy – ShaKoozie Keeps Your Shower Beer High and Dry
  • UpRoxx – The ‘Memento’ Visual Timeline Is Awesome, Exhausting