Edible Underwear For Men – Brief Jerky

CoolStuffHunter February 8, 2012

I don’t have many words for this one… Actually, yes I do!

We’ve all seen the edible panties for women, and yes, they are sexy. But what about the men? Can’t we be sexy too? And if I am going to be sexy, it’s not going to be in some gummybear thong. I want something that says, “I’m manly, but yet sexy.” What says sexy man better the edible brief jerky underwear? And guess what? Valentine’s Day is coming up! I see tare-away pants and Brief Jerky in your woman’s future…

If you’re too cheap to buy edible underware your don’t have to, you can make your own pair of breef jerky underware yourself at: Instructables

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