Help Name “The Greatest Toy in the Universe!’

inTIMidator February 13, 2012

When you were a kid, did you ever get a toy that was nothing like it was on the commercial/box? Apparently this guy has experienced this deception, and is really driven to correct this wrong. With the help from the guys at Wow! Stuff, Jaimie Mantzel (the creator in the video), was able the create the “the single most amazing toy ever made.” Ok, maybe a little over the top, but it’s still really cool.

The toy is an R/C walking, foam dart firing, pingpong ball launching, spider robot! What’s not to love? The only problem is that “it” doesn’t have a name! This is where the viral web and come into play. Mr. Mantzel has enlisted the creative talents of the all encompassing internet to help name his new toy (invention). You too can help name the toy right now if you go to: And if you’re name chosen he’ll send you a free one!

As Posted on Reddit:

This guy is a complete and total bad-ass. Seriously. (He’s also nearly constantly manic too, but I digress.)

He has this giant tree-house he built in the middle of the woods by hand which he actually lives/lived in. When he realized he needed a lumber mill to build a giant workshop to go along with his tree house in the woods, he made one himself, with two tires, a motor, and some aluminum poles (no joke).

Why did he need a giant workshop in the middle of the woods, you ask? To build a working life size version of this robot of course! And he did it using 99% junk yard scrap MacGyvered together (like everything else he does). He also wore chain-mail while doing all this to ‘stay fit’.

He has a video blog with tons of videos on YouTube. This guy is so interesting he has caused countless people to spend 10+ hours watching his videos in a single sitting (myself included!). Just look at the other comments here and you’ll see how common an occurrence this is.

P.S. Almost forgot! His “tree house” has a giant trampoline in one of the rooms integrated into the floor (one of those giant backyard ones).

P.P.S. He also somehow convinced his lady-friend to move out into the middle the woods and into his tree-house with him while he did all of this. :orimtinton -

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Name “The Greatest Toy in the Universe!’

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