THE FLIP SIDE (BAR) – What If The Genders Were Swapped?

inTIMidator February 8, 2012

If only this were true…

I don’t care who you are. At some level we all hate going to the club. Yeah, chick dress hot, and yeah it’s the fastest way to meet hot chicks, but what a pain in the ass. And it’s expenive too. Finding a girl, approaching, striking up a conversation, and winning her over, all while drinking and listing to blasting house music. Super easy. But what if, the gender rollers where in reverse… I wonder what that would look like???

The Flip Side (bar) takes a look at what life would be like if the social dynamics of the nightclub since were reversed. Actually very funny. And I really want to actually find this bar because this would be freak’n awesome!

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