Zeal Optics is About to Revolutionize Snowboarding

HairyKnuckles February 16, 2012

Zeal Optics Zeal Z3 Gps GogglePrepare to have your mind blown. From our friends at ZealOptics.com comes two sets of goggles that will revolutionize your snowboarding experience. With two versions focused on two very different areas, you are about to expand your experience to the digital realm.

The Zeal Optics Z3 offers a more data centric approach by offering a heads up display that measures your speed, altitude, the temperature outside, while also syncing with your Android phone via bluetooth providing calling, text messaging, and, yes, complete control over your snowboarding playlist.

Offering a different point of view that will probably appease the more social boarder is the Zeal iON, which features both a 1080p camera and 8 megapixel camera mounted on the middle of the frame like a third eye. But, they don’t stop there. Inside the goggle is a viewfinder that allows you to see exactly what your camera sees.

Below are the product videos from the ZealOptics.com website. So sit back, relax, and let your mind be blown by the guys over at Zeal.

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Zeal Optics Z3

Zeal Optics iON