Deep Fried Lasagna – Not Atkins Approved

inTIMidator March 5, 2012

If you’re on any kind of diet I suggest that you stop reading right now… This is post is not for the fat or weak willed (well maybe for the fat).

I feel like I have found my food soul mate. Nick, author and creator of, is on a quests to see what foods he can deep fry. This time, this culinary genius has accomplished creating a food product that will surely not make the Atkins approved list, deep fried lasagna.

If, after seeing these amazing photos, you’re feeling hungry and want to try and deep fry your own lasagna, Nick has posted some tips on how not to screw it up at: DudeFoods

On a side note, congratulations on getting acquired by Wendy’s! | Acquired By Wendy’s. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to say the same thing about, because that must have been a pretty penny.

If our readers have any ideas of things we should try and deep fry let us know in the comments. I know HairyKnuckles is itching to create some uber fatty like this.

Until next dinner time! Keep deep frying!

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DudeFoods – Deep Fried Lasagna

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