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Double-Barrel Pistol Solves The Problem Of Double Tapping

CoolStuffHunter March 12, 2012

I know you’re still working on you underground bunker for the post apocalyptic zombie land that will undoubtedly come, but until then you might want to double check your arsenal of zombie stopping weaponry. I will refer you back to rule number two, in the “Zombie Land” rules for survival, Double Tap. Zombies are, well, zombies. They don’t die easy and you have to give’em the old double tap to make sure the job is done right! Until now there has been no industrial double barrel semiautomatic hand gun constructed solely for the purpose of the double tap… I give you the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol.

Basically making the other guy, or zombie, twice as dead, twice as fast… “Performance”

The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol comes actually as the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all times. The original idea came about ten years back to Swiss armourer Vivian Mueller, who at the time experienced cutting and welding together multiple parts of the famous Sig P210: the result was a long slide, double barrel 9mm, highly decorated collector piece, which indeed shot very well. – More info at

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