Halo 4 – First Look

inTIMidator March 6, 2012

Pre-Story Side Tangent: How the hell old is Master Chief?! I know he has a super suit but come on… And Halo 4? What the heck happened to Reach and ODST? And wasn’t there a Halo Wars in there somewhere? I know, I know, they’re prequels and other stories, but this franchise started dieing after the first Halo. The reason Halo (1) was so popular because of the amazing game play and the innovation of “linked play” with a console. It brought true multiplayer game play to the masses. The story link was solid enough to support a campaign, but really only served as a training mode for when your friends were able to link up. I don’t need any more Halos!

That being said… I can’t wait to play this.

Real Story: Last week at the Microsoft’s Spring Showcase, the Kotaku guys (Kirk Hamilton) got to check out the next installment in the Halo franchise. This Halo being unique, in being the first Halo game the wasn’t produced Bungie, the original creators of Halo (and Marathon! 94′ nerd-out through back!). Instead this game was created by 343 Industries. We’ll see if they can live up the incredibly high bar that Bungie has set… Check out the first look at the chapter of the Halo story, Halo 4:

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Kotaku – Your First Look at Halo 4

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