Keyra Augustina – Monday Transcendence

AdminDude March 12, 2012

Have you ever witnessed transcendence?  Felt desire and satisfaction simultaneously, with a rock of a crotch post displaying your delight?  Regardless of your answer, the mathematical symphony of curvature below will give you a shot.

Keyra Augustina has wandered the internet for some time now as the elusive phoenix that is the perfect ass.  As a physician, the anatomical structure behind these lady lumps is beyond explanation.  She is seemingly spawned of a cosmic three way between Aphrodite, J-Lo, and Matthew McConaughey.  The Argentinian landed a Maxim photo shoot in 2005, but still remains secretive and obscure.  All that is known is that she is a 20-something college student in Argentina…I mean Mexico.  I need to go book some plane tickets, check ya later… – Doc T

Now a message from your Supreme Overlord:

I know, Keyra Augustina has been out of the spot light for a few years, but we had a request from one of most loyal CDS followers, Doc T, to post about her. She does have amazing… assets, so we are more then willing to comply with this request. If you have some thing you want us to write about let us know!

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