Matt Forte Feels “Disrespected”

OB32 March 23, 2012

Matt Forte says it’s nothing personal with Michael Bush; he feel “disrespected” by the Bears.

WHAAAAAAAA!!  So Matt Forte feels “disrespected” by the Chicago Bears for signing Michael Bush from the Oakland Raiders.  Grow up Forte!  Your are one of the best running backs in the league and everyone knows it…including your front office, so don’t get your panties in a bunch when the team will benefit by getting a running back that is better than Marion Barber.  If, or rather when you go down, do you really think Barber will keep your team headed to the winner’s circle with your teams strong run game?  Are you really going to rely on Cutler!?  If anything, rotating with Bush is a good thing for Forte and the team.  It will keep him healthier longer to get a full 16 games and it could possibly give him a better season than 2011…i.e. get 1,000 yards.  So put your big boy pants on and shut up.

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