The iPhone Boom Mic

CoolStuffHunter March 29, 2012

Have you ever recorded a video with your iPhone, and you just can’t hear anything people are saying? If you’re someone who likes to capture your family memories or maybe crazy awesome beatboxing sessions with your iPhone, you might want a beef’er mic.

The iPhone Boom Mic is able to give your iPhone videos full, professional style sound, while removing those annoying crackling background noises. The mic attaches into the headphone jack and adjusts to hold the back of the phone (even if you have a case on!). The mic is super lightweight, and takes only one AAA battery so it won’t suck down your phone’s battery.

Personally, I can’t stand the sound quality from my iPhone on videos. I don’t know if it’s bad enough to have a freak’n boom mic hanging off the top of my phone, but might be better for those special events/occasions.

For all you sound and video gurus out there, you can pick your own iPhone Boom Mic for $40.00 at: Photojojo