Birth Control for Men: 100 Percent Effective For Ten Years

HairyKnuckles April 6, 2012

Imagine a world where a guy can sleep with any chick he wants without the risk of some of the consequences like, oh I don’t know, knocking the chick up… AND the procedure is completely reversible!

Well, that time appears to be right around the corner. It appears that this 100% effective procedure is in final stages of clinical trials in India and has proven to be effective in both humans and animals.

Dr.'s have created a male birth control that is 100% effective and is completely reversible!

From the Huffington Post:

A new birth control procedure shows promising signs of becoming another viable option for people who don’t want children now, but may want them some day.

Techcitement points out that the procedure, which is in advanced clinical trials in India, has been found to be 100 percent effective.

One downside — depending on how you feel about shots — is that it requires the man receive an injection into the vas deferens with a polymer gel called Vasalgel, after a local anesthetic has been given. The substance works by breaking apart sperm.

The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes and lasts ten years or more and is more easily reversible than a vasectomy.

As the Male Contraception Information Project notes, if a man decides he’d like to have his sperm up and running again, he can get another shot and, within two to three months, the baby-making can commence.

Studies over the last 25 years have reportedly found the procedure is safe to use on both humans and animals.

Researchers are hopeful that the procedure will be on the market in the U.S. by 2015, with clinical trials beginning in 2012. Currently, the process is only available to Indian men involved in the trials.”

How could this affect the world as we know it? Well, for one, there would be 7 less Kemp’s running around: TotalProSports.

What if sports teams start forcing their players to have this procedure done to help eliminate the number of crazy housewives trying to cut off their junk for sleeping around?

What if we start forcing children and teenagers to have this procedure at a young age, and then make them apply to have it reverse when theyre older in an attempt to limit the number of retards who grow up under the supervision of teenagers? Honestly, I’m not terribly opposed to the idea…

But, there you have it, the future…

Story via:
Huffingtonpost - Male Birth Control: New Procedure Is 100 Percent Effective, Reversible