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Coachella is Extending It’s Lineup!

HairyKnuckles April 19, 2012

After the unbelievable response to the holographic cameo by Tupac at Coachella this year, the organizers of the event have decided to extend Coachella for another weekend and feature the following lineup this weekend. I, for one, am absolutely stoked by the Coachella organizers’ ability to piece together this all-star lineup of performers on such short notice.
Coachella is Extending It's Lineup
Ok, ok… obviously this is a joke, so don’t go trying to buy tickets just yet. But, can you imagine? I mean, seriously, how about a little Johnny Cash opening for Nirvana? Or how about a Jimi Hendrix/Marvin Gaye collaboration? The possibilities are endless!

But, unfortunately, as the lineup card does note, the only way this is possible is via hologram… unless you know someone who can grease the wheels on that stingy bouncer, Patrick, at the pearly gates.