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StickyGram: Instagram Magnets

inTIMidator April 5, 2012

 It’s been an Apple-only party for a long time, but as of yesterday Instagram is now available on Android

For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is an app that, until now, was only available for the Apple iOS operating system. Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows you to turn the quick shots you take with your phone into artsy photos with awesome filter effects.

Within 24 hours of Instagram hitting the Google’s Andriod market the app was downloaded over one million times! Now that’s some pent-up demand.

 To welcome all you silly Google’ers to the Instagram party, we’ve found a cool service call StickyGram! StickyGram is a personalized printing service that turns your Instagram images into cool little magnets. You create your pack online and we deliver them to your door. Each StickyGram is 50mm x 50mm and come in packs of 9. The magnets made from a flexible material that displays the original quality of the images.

Make your Instagrams real. Create a lovely pack of magnets in seconds.

Each custom StickyGram can be created and delivered to you for just $15. Check’em out at: