Bikini Hockey League – Coming Soon

CoolStuffHunter May 11, 2012

I know you guys were feeling that you had a void in your lives after the LFLUS (Lingerie Football League) was postponed it’s next season until 2013. Not to worry young men, we have some like minded business leaders looking out for us who have decided to start the Bikini Hockey League!

The Bikini Hockey League has announced that they will be having an open casting call to all women. Apparently, there are no requirements, you just have to submit head and body shots (so… nothing about the ability to skate or having any prior hockey experience?). After the league has completed it’s casting call, creator Tulsan Cary Eskridge is going to begin filming in an attempt to pitch the league as a reality show. He states that there are already networks that are interested in picking up the program. I, for one, encourage the innovation of new bikini based sports, but hockey? Really? All I can imagine are girls hitting each other, sliding on the ice ripping up their legs, and crying as they limp off the ice. I don’t think this concept, while sexy, will make it past the first major injury.

Check out the entire press release here:

Time is Now for Bikini Hockey

Tulsa, Okla. – The idea of a bikini hockey league came to Tulsan Cary Eskridge back in 2004 when the National Hockey League lockout occurred. The lack of major league hockey left the media scrambling to fill the void of hockey news and fans looking for other forms of entertainment. Not a man to sit still, Eskridge started looking for ways to fill the void and that is when the idea of bikini hockey came to Eskridge’s mind.

But there was not enough time to react and make the dream a reality at that time. So the idea stayed on the back burner waiting for the right time. Well, that time has finally come.

Eskridge has an extensive hockey background and feels now is the time to finally breathe life into his long-time dream. Eskridge has a background in video production and has also owned inline hockey leagues on and off for the past 20 years and believes the Bikini Hockey League could bring back the popularity and awareness of inline hockey to the mainstream and introduce new fans to a great sport.

Starting next month, Eskridge will start filming the pilot of a reality TV show that revolves around a bikini hockey league. But many are asking, “why Tulsa?” Why not a larger sports market such as New York or Los Angeles where more fans and potential participants can be reached?

League owner Cary Eskridge feels Tulsa is a good location for many reasons. Tulsa’s central location is one factor. “You just have to look at other major sports that have come to Tulsa,” said Eskridge. “One of Tulsa’s biggest events on a national scale is the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals held every year at the QuikTrip Center. Many thought it would never work

when it started more than 25 years ago and now Tulsa is one of the biggest reasons that event works here.”

Eskridge has spent a lifetime promoting hockey in the Tulsa area and knows this market. Tulsa’s central location will reduce travel time and more importantly reduce production costs that would be enormous in major markets. Professional hockey has been played in Tulsa since 1928 and is a big part of Tulsa’s sports history. Eskridge is ready for Tulsa to take the next step.