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Paris Roxanne: The Hidden Brunette Bombshell

CoolStuffHunter July 10, 2012

Paris Roxanne brunette big boobs
I always like finding talent in unusual places… This time, I found Paris Roxanne. Paris was hiding on the on one of their “Find Her” articles, and of course I found her (She’s number 17, if you went to go look).

There’s not much info on the web about Paris Roxanne, but I did find that she was born October 11, 1990, currenrtly lives in Orange County, and is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giant’s! My kind of girl… But that’s all we know. Well… That, and she has great smile and has curves that would cause car wrecks. So in true CDS style, we’ve scoured the internet, grabbed every photo we could and presented them for you here today to enjoy. You’re welcome.

Paris Roxanne brunette big boobs

Most of Paris Roxanne info was gathered from: [Pixrama]

If you find more info or you’re her and you’re mad I stole all your photos… Let me know! Love to hear from you in the comments.

  • Acme121h
    • starskyfr

      this account is not easily found

      this account is troubling the person knows the life of Paris Roxanne. and when told, you’re the real Roxanne Paris, she seems lost and said “no I am not me, no, I’m a fake account.” strange all the same. on his wall the status of these photos are very precie. . strange all the same. but she always says “no, I’m not me”?

  • Kate
  • Anon

    AHAHAHAHA!!! Omg, you got her birthday completely wrong and where she lives. We’ve been friends since we were four, and even she thinks this shit is whack 

    • trollolol

      says the friendzoned guy who’s proud of being a little bit related to her…

    • CoolDudeStuff

       Hi Anon!
      If you have some better info, let us know! We did the best we could with what we could find. If you really do know her, we’ll send both of you guys some T-shirts for an interview (via email).
      Let us know via “info at”


    • Trouble

      Nope, you got her birthday right, I do not know her personal and don`t know where she lives, but that Anon is lying, Paris is 22 Y/O I garante

    • Jasonepirdwoeo

      As if you know her. She is amazingly beautiful visually. She would be veery famous and well know at that level of attractiveness

  • Bode2raffa

    9gag sent me here

  • xTremeFAPPAH

    if she pose for any magazi, naked, i’d buy it..

  • :0

    isn’t this angie varano?

  • Osef

    Lol, another Angie Varona-like jailbait ?…

  • Krank

    mother of god, are those REAL O_O

  • Tai231


  • RandomStalker
  • jake

    This girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! i want to meet her too!!

  • Sem V

    DUBSTEP, hell yeah 

  • kevron1990

    ahem…not “every” photo

  • Parisstalker34

    She is also on Facebook under the name of Marine Camillia.  I don’t know if that’s her real name, or if that’s an alias, and Paris Roxanne is her real name.  Maybe her real name is hidden.  Anyway, most of the pictures of Marine Camillia are the same as the ones on this page.  At some point, I’ll make a squidoo devoted to Paris/marine, and put the url here.  

  • she fine as hell.

    Holy shit, All i can say, Holy shit. I hope that’s Orange County, Florida. If so i gotta find that hot piece of ass.

    • Big Titted bimbo

      its orange county in southern california

  • Jasonepirdwoeo

    Okay, I’m gonna try and say something different.
    This girl is absolutely amazing in looks but, I would be deeply saddened to see a girl of such attractiveness lost to the world as a ‘slut’. It would be awesome if she stayed as the beautiful (in looks, i don’t know her personality) forever.
    We need super attractive women out there to be nice and normal.

    And just saying… Your soooooo damn good looking.

  • Jasonepirdwoeo

    Does she have a Tumblr?

  • Oaksd1392

    this will take your money 

  • Dada1992

    she will take your money 

  • overclocked09

    This is her facebook.

  • 51632s

    beshüm besüm bizsamm …

  • Clarenceching

    the things i’d do to her

  • SJD

    She has a nood.

  • Lulacusao

    I think she need some help taking pictures

  • Bigdog909

    Hate to break it to us, but you’re wrong on her age

    • Jg4734

      what is her age?

  • Joshh

    now, this is her actual facebook… you’re welcome people…

    • op

      wrong. this is

  • Chris

    What the fuck! This is my fucking girlfriend! What the hell is this! You guys dont know fucking shit! All your information is wrong. Who do you think you are stealing photo’s of my girlfriend and uploading them to your website? All her photo’s and This article is to be deleted. You have 48 hours before I report your website and get police involved.

    • Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

      Oh boo hoo @Chris… hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your girlfriend is all over the internet nude. I seriously doubt this one website is causing her reputation any harm… 

    • Guest

      where is she nude?

    • Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

      All over the place. Read some of the comments below.

    • Bill Blythe

      Haha, sorry Chris, but your girl is a ho. I already jerked it to her twice today.

    • YouKnowMe

      hahhahaha that doesn’t make her a hoe.

    • Dimitri

      I’ll be the one to say it, but we’re all thinking about it. Shut the fuck up you cunt. 

    • 1414141414140


    • Soccerlover12_soccerlover23

      Actually this is the information posted in your girls Facebook page. But yes she was born in 1994 not 1990 FYI and hunny I’m one of her friends so who are you I haven’t heard of you

    • YouKnowMe

      If she is your girlfriend, then your new name is Scottie because you don’t know about me. 

  • concrete

    did not do the research

  • DarthJim65

    She is 19 yo now and all the nude pics I havde seen of her were from when she was 17 or younger so if you have her nudes you have child porn. I have been a friend of hers for years now and still am. If she sees this she will know who I am. I really care about her and you guys are taking advantage of her, she is a really sweet girl.

    • 666666666

      she was born in 90 dumbass

    • DarthJim65

      Wrong. How would you know her age anyway? She is 19 now and her birthday is in Feb. The guy that says different just wants to keep his lust for a child more or less a secret. If I had a body this good looking i would have nudes too. Go to Facebook and ask her yourself.

    • JonnyDeath

      She’s just another random bimbo exploiting the only thing she has that can get attention, sex appeal. Sweet girls don’t dress like porn stars. They leave something to the imagination and look for a guy that is worth marrying before sleeping with them.

      Girls that look like this and do all that are anything but sweet.
      They’re spoiled!

  • Casanova

    She likes to have sex with Ray III all the time

  • Patton303

    She has creepy thumbs…..

    • Alan Wyndham

      your stink ass is creepy

    • Alan Wyndham

      your stink ass is creepy dude

  • Harris303

    Isn’t this the girl that was involved with Chris Andersen? Then it turned into that weird catfish thing

  • Alan Wyndham

    she is the 17 yr old in the chris andersen case and she also the minor in the Tony Fregger case.

    • mica

      she also was with Mat Latos

  • omfgrusrsly

    >on one of there “find her” articles
    >one of there

    Did we never pass 3rd grade english?