McKayla Maroney Smirk: U.S. Gymnast’s Snarky Pose Gets Photoshopped

CoolStuffHunter August 12, 2012

McKayla Maroney Smirk Olympic Gymnast
Sadly the 2012 London Summer Olympics are over. But there are still somethings about the games there are just now starting to go viral. Most recently, Photoshop renditions of the “McKayla Maroney Smirk.”

McKayla Maroney Poses With President Barack Obama for the Best ‘Not Impressed’ Photo Ever

STORY UPDATE: McKayla Maroney Poses With President Barack Obama

In case you missed it, or have no idea who she is, McKayla Maroney is an amazing US Olympic gymnast. In the last Olympics Maroney shocked audiences and judges with an amazing gold medal performance in the woman’s vault, and was sure bet to win this years gold. But, much to everyone surprise, Maroney had a, less then amazing performance. She still walked away with a silver medal, but while standing on the podium she was clearly upset, and her body language showed it.

With crossed arms and a face that showed a “less then thrilled” reaction, Maroney stood and excepted her silver medal. But, much to her surprise, that face and pose went viral with Internet memes (shown below). Now, although she should have known she was on camera and simply just not smirked at her silver medal, Maroney could have let that moment haunt her career. Instead she’s having some fun with it. She later posted this photo to Instragram, making fun her #notimpressed face. Hopefully realizing that she acted as a poor sport and should have still, at least acted, honored to receive the medal.

Either way, she got blown up on the internet, and I intend to use supposed funny things… So we’ve collected all of those funny Internet memes of the, now viral, “McKayla Maroney Smirk.” Let us know what you think in the comments!

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