New Memphis BBQ Burger from Carl’s Jr. Proves Two Meats, And Two Girls Are Better Than One

CoolStuffHunter August 21, 2012

New Memphis BBQ Burger from Carl’s Jr. Proves Two Meats, And Two Girls Are Better Than One
STORY UPDATE: Watch  The Sexy New Carl’s Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger Commercial NOW 

The news has already started to leak out and men everywhere have already started to drool. And not just for the burger, but rather for the eye candy showing it off.

The new ad campaign that will be unleashing Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s® new Memphis BBQ Burger proving, once again, that “two meats” are in fact better than one. This new burger will be featuring both saucy pulled pork with a classic charbroiled beef patty making it a beautiful BBQ meat-on-meat perfection. But if you’ll remember back to the sexy Kate Upton’s commercial, you know that this new Carl’s Jr. commercial is going to be… shall we say, delicious?

New Memphis BBQ Burger from Carl’s Jr. Proves Two Meats, And Two Girls Are Better Than OneThe yet to be released commercial, titled “BBQ’s Best Pair,” takes place at a Southern BBQ Festival where a blonde bombshell (played by “Attack of the Show” host and Playboy model Sara Underwood) faces off against blazing hot brunette (played by “iCarly” actress and model Emily Ratajkowski) over who gets a spot on the BBQ pit to grill their goodies.

The steamy ad is set to first hit YouTube channels and later this week. But if you’re waiting to see it on TV, you’ll have to wait until August 27th.

Oh, and apparently there are roomers of an extended director’s cut, available online only, which CDS will have posted later this month.

The Memphis BBQ Burger will be starting at $3.79 but you’ll be able to drool over the commercial for free…

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    I am no prude by any means, but Carl’s has gone too far in their objectification of women in their recent commercials (Upton drive-in commercial included).  These type of commercials propogate an unacceptable view of women as “eye candy” to be unwrapped and devoured (as the burger), by both the eyes and the taste buds. It’s no surprise that Carls doesn’t employ 2 hard-bodied, half-naked men performing the same commercial, as Carl’s is sending females back to the caveman days when women were viewed as a “piece of meat.”  Neither sex should be objectified as such. I feel for the young ladies out there that go out for the burger with their date for they probably won’t eat it after viewing how they are “supposed to look” which is what this commercial “says.”  SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, On CARL’S!!!  You will end up losing sales revune, rather than increasing it with this exploitive/unhealthy advertising, for either the young adolescents will eat a bite or two or possibly throw it up (Carl’s is contributing to an unhealthy body image of women and eating disorders while selling fattening food imagine that hipocrasy?), and more importantly, the objectification of women being judged by their beauty will continue to infiltrate the new generation based on this garbage. The maore mature customer (specifically female), will join Nutrisystem instead of purchasing your $4-6 burger which has a caloric content to satisfy the whole day’s requirement, with little nutritional value.  I AM BOYCOTTING CARL”S after this new commercial for although your food is my favorite fastfood splurge, your lack of awareness of the serious ethical issues your advertising creates, leaves me no choice and an all around “BAD TASTE” IN MY MOUTH.  Your food should sell itself, not Carl’s selling itself out as they proved once again in this commercial which stinks of bad taste. Someday I hope you learn where you went wrong…………………….

  • Alpha male

    I think the commercial is brilliant and hope that more companies follow Carl’s Jr marketing campaign by using beautiful scantily clad women. Thank you Carl’s Jr and you have a loyal customer. So what if a few overweight hags complain about beautiful women being objectified. These beautiful woman were not forced to do it. Keep up the good work.

    As for Outraged; I am all for them using men also. I believe my wife has the right to see men used that way also.

    We all have the ability to make our bodies as beautiful as we want them to be. Sorry you have to get off your ass to do that.