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Grizzly Bear DESTROYS $70,000 Toyota Sequoia

OB32 October 26, 2012

Don’t leave your new cars in Waterton National Forest unlocked, you may catch a Grizzly Bear!  Such a situation happened recently when a man left his 18month old Toyota Sequoia in the forest.  The, what Fish and Wildlife officials believe to be a three year old male, had somehow opened the door and got itself shut in.  Now literally picture this…a bear has closed itself in your car and begins to FREAK OUT! 

This Sequoia WAS a platinum edition, however now it is just a mess of internal car parts with the exterior completely barren of any damage what so ever. All of the door panels, wires, headliner, leather seats & headrests, dash, were completely destroyed.  He set off two of the six air bags.  Now this one cracks me up…imagine him getting belted in the face with an airbag.  That wouldn’t send him on an explosive tirade or anything, completely ripping into the steering wheel, which he also destroyed.  To add insult to injury, the massive Grizzly decided to take a very large dump in the back seat.

We could continue listing the damage, but a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Enjoy….


  • Benjurqunov

    Ok, But its a Toyota, I bet the it could have started up and driven home !