Pixar Desk Lamp Comes To Life – “I love Lamp”

inTIMidator December 1, 2012

What to you get when you tag an ordinary desk lamp and add 6 servos, a webcam, and awesome robotic computing? A replacement for that stupid cat that craps all over the house.

Pixar Desk Lamp Come To Life - "I love Lamp"The lamp in this video’s name is Pinokio. Pinokio was constructed by Victoria University of Wellington students as an exploration into the expressive and behavioral potentials of robotic computing. With the use of some customized computer code and electronic circuit design embedded into the lamp’s design, Pinokio has the to be aware of its environment, and interact with people in the room.

So the big question is Pinokio only a fancy lamp? Or is it a prototype for what to become of all our house hold appliances?

Pixar Desk Lamp Come To Life - "I love Lamp"

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