The Glass Snowboard Made By Every Third Thursday

inTIMidator February 25, 2013

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of materials that I would make a snowboard out of, I don’t think of glass. But, I guess the guys at Signal Snowboards don’t think like I do.

This month’s episode of “Every Third Thursday“  features Signal Snowboards’ Founder Dave Lee leaving his cozy factory in the US and traveling across the pond to an Italian glass factory to create (to the best of my knowledge) the world’s first handmade glass snowboard.

The construction of the board is actually kind of interesting. The glass snowboard is first cut, heated, pressed, then tempered (so not to shatter). But it looks like there’s a reason professionals don’t ride glass boards… It doesn’t slide, and its super easy to break! (you’ll see why in the video)

I do have one question for the Signal Snowboards guys, why didn’t you wax the board? Or add some metal edges? Might have help the structural integrity and performance… But! What do I know?

What do you guys think, would you ever ride a glass board? Or, what other crazy materials would you want to see a snowboard made out (Adamantium maybe…)?

The Glass Snowboard Made By Every Third Thursday

  • Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

    That’s pretty bad ass