3 litre bottles of beer??

The Dude March 5, 2013

Brings new meaning to the song, “take one down and pass it around”. Wow, your basically looking at a 6 pack in one bottle of beer.

!!!!Great job Stone Brewery!!!!



To me this has to be one of the best ideas a local micro brew has come up with for self promotion. Anyone that sees this bottle out anywhere is going to stop and ask questions. The coolest thing I’ve heard is that if your lucky enough to live by the brewery, they will re-fill these bottles for you!! Could you Imagine playing Edward 40 hands with 2 of these?? No one wins in that game, although i would love to buy a 6 pack of these bad boys and have one hell of a great night with my boys. Hmmmm, maybe save for next seasons first day of Sunday Football