3D Printed Assault Rifle Makes It 6 Shots Before Breaking

Baby Huey March 14, 2013

Ok… this is kinda cool and disturbing at the same time.

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On one hand if you have a $50,000 3D printer you can make a plastic gun. Which in of itself has its own implications:

  1. no metal- can smuggle easy
  2. anyone can “make” a gun
  3. side-steps any gun control laws

But on the other hand, how cool is that!!! i can make my own gun!! I’m not posting this to make a political statement so lets focus on the latter.


A field test of a 3D printed assault rifle ended quickly over the weekend, with the printed plastic parts breaking apart after six rounds. It was the first live test of the printed AR-15 assault rifle, the Wiki Weapons Project’s target for the first blueprint of a fully 3D printed gun. There are still plenty of improvements to make before the team will recommend assembly, as the test shows. In this case, only part of the gun was manufactured with a 3D printer – just the lower receiver, which is the trigger and handgrip. The rest of the rifle was put together with off-the-shelf parts, according to the Wiki Weapons Project’s blog.

The Wiki Weapons Project aims to create a working blueprint for a 3D printed gun and distribute the digital design file online for free.