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6 Year Old Badass B-Girl (Dudette) Break Dancer

OB32 March 5, 2013

Ok, I’ll admit it…I went through a break-dancing phase in high school. In fact, after a certain level of alcohol I think I can do it again.  That inevitably always turns into some sort of an injury.  However this girl will far surpass anyone trying to learn break dancing in their teens. 

Little Terra is literally half the size of her opponent but way more intimidating to ANY break dancer out there.  This week at the Paris Chelles Battle Pro Competition, Terra sports her old school style jumpsuit with pink stripes.  It was like watching an old Rappers Delight video from the late 80’s…with a midget.  Her old school style and her new age break skills destroyed her older, bigger male opponent.  

My favorite part is when she tells the guy not to come back out so she can throw one last humiliating set of moves on him before he goes into his next set.