Big Bang??

Baby Huey March 6, 2013

As Andrew Dice Clay would say, “ya I F@#ked her”!


Ya right, i wish i could ‘Big Bang’ this “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Christine Cuoco. She gives us CoolDudes– that are geeks– hope that one day our love of video games, technology, or all other things ‘nerdy’, the hope that YES, we to can date the hot neighbor girl.

The first time i saw Kaley was when she was introduced as the long lost 4th sister on Charmed along side of other hot Dudettes, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. But wasn’t until “Big Bang” did she really come into her own. I for one would love to see her do more print work and Movies where she could show more skin.

  • Eli Will

    Hey im a teen guy and I love cool dude stuff. I especially love the dudettes section. I would love to see a column about hot teens girls! That would be awesome! I can never see hot chicks without ending up in porn. :/ so please make a tern girl one. Thanks

    • AdminDude

      Hello Eli!

      First off, thank you for reading, commenting and the idea! But… I don’t think underage girls is where we want to drive blog. Every “jailbate” site out there gets shut down and frankly (no offense) I like my women to be able to drink at the bars with me.

      If you have other ideas, we’re all ears! We want more days like FGF.

      Thanks again for reading!