Hailey Renae Edwards– Dudette of Distinction

The Dude March 13, 2013

Hailey Renae Edwards is one of those girls you would love to meet in real life. A beautiful woman, ambitious, style, and to top it off– she can dance.


Her dancing is coincidentally is how she was brought to my attention.

Over a year ago she was featured on ABC dancing to a Beyoncé song she submitted for a copy-cat contest–wasn’t ever clear if she had won or not–but before she was highlighted on the news, she had already been a You Tube sensation making dance videos.

Since then she has taken some time off making videos to work on her career of being a talented hairdresser and becoming  a mom. It has only been more recently that this dancer started dancing and posting videos again and modeling. For that i applaud her. Being able to look that good after having a kid, and finding the time to peruse her dreams can not be an easy task.

As you can see from the pictures and the video below she may just yet have an alternate career to her hairdressing. A beautiful young woman with huge opportunity ahead of her.

Hailey’s facebook Fan page



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  • Clayton Pehrson

    My New favorite website!!! love it and yall are sexy as hell!!!!!