LaFerrari – Official 2013 Launch Video – Prepare To Drool

CoolStuffHunter March 5, 2013

This year at the Geneva Motor Show Honda and Toyota aren’t the only ones coming out with a new hybrid. Joining the new Mclaren P1 and the Lamborghini Veneo, Ferrari is releasing their successor to the Enzo and, you guessed it, it’s their first ever hybrid supercar, LaFerrari.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, hybrid = less power = slower car = crap. But, believe it or not. Ferrari is boasting that the LaFerrari is their fastest car, ever. The 2,800 pound red dragon has a 6.3-liter V12 engine, with 949 horsepower (163 of that horsepower is coming from an on demand electric motor), and can spring from zero to 62mph in just under 3 seconds.

The going rate for one these bad boys is about $1.3 million US, and the stingy bastards are only making 499 of them. So you better get in line now if you want to own one.

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