Oreo Shotgun…WHAAAT???

The Redneck March 25, 2013

Our favorite slingshot and rubber band gun maker is back!  This time he has jumped on the bandwagon of the recently popular fad of the best way to split an Oreo Cookie.  

Kanal von JoergSprave he has outdone himself this time.  His Slingshot Channel has become ever so popular these days on YouTube with millions of hits on multiple postings.  The rubber band Gatling Gun was awesome.  The multiply styles of deadly slingshots, even more awesome, but this is by far his best invention yet. 


What I love the most is its stopping power. (The force the projectile excerpts in order to hurt, maim or kill it’s target)  These Oreos can go fast enough to puncture a cardboard box. 

I remember the days of shirts vs. skins Red Rider BB Gun fights and coming home with TONs of welts.  But to be hit by one of these, were talking those purple welts that have the little bit of split skin trickling blood.