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Sergio Garcia Hits Ball From Tree.

OB32 March 25, 2013

In Sunday’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, Sergio Garcia put on one hell of a show when he decided to hit his ball out of an oak tree 15 feet up, backwards. 

Sergio at first climbed the limbs of the tree to only identify his ball…

“First, I went up there to identify the ball and then saw that I could make the shot with just one hand,” Garcia said on his website. “Luckily, it went well.”-ESPN

After successfully climbing the mighty oak, and realizing he could actually do this, he took only a couple of moments to settle himself and knock the ball onto the fairway avoiding a penalty shot.  Well done sir, well done.

However, this is not the only time someone has taken the same route to avoid the penalty shot.

At the 1981 B&H International Fulford Golf Club, Bernhard Langer took an almost identical shot and greened it to save himself a stroke.  These two clips are so similar, the announcer even make the same jokes.