Ted (The Movie) – 7 MTV movie awards??

The Dude March 6, 2013

Wholly crap, Ted (The Movie) just got 7 MTV Movie Nominations!


Hold your hats Thunder Buddies, this movie has the chance to win 7 awards this years on the MTV movie awards. I for one would love to see this movie win out over some of the movies they are up against.

Link to MTV Page

How could you not love a story about a boy and his Teddy Bear? Ok so this Teddy bear is loud, crude, offensive, and a pain in the ass. But come on what “Ted” is not? Ted– who once graced the pages of “Rolling Stones” magazine will now be walking the red carpet to hopefully get his Spaceman!!


Staring along side this breakout star, was one of my favorite Dudettes of the silver screen; The talented Milena “Mila” Markovna Kunis. Yet another reason for her to get dressed up and look sexy for us CoolDudes.

below is one of my personal favorite shots that this talented Bear graced us with in this great movie; hope you enjoy…