The St. Patty’s Day Shirts are Back!

HairyKnuckles March 1, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Shirt

They’re baaaaaaaack! Due to the popularity of our ‘Kiss Me – I’m Magically Delicious’ shirts from last year, we have rolled out a fresh batch in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2013!

We have very limited quantities, so if you want your shirt, place your order as soon as possible to avoid missing out like many of you did last year.

As for cost… We thought about charging $20 to pay for shipping and crap, but then we slammed a beer, shot some guns, tipped a cow and said, “screw it, let’s charge $15 and get these things out the door so we can focus on partying”.

So, there you have it. The shirts are $15. Simple. Cheap. (and we might throw in a vinyl sticker or two)

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And don’t forget to take a picture of yourself wearing your shirt and send a copy to sumbit [at] cooldudestuff [dot] com.


*If there’s a lot of you to go around, XXL shirts are little extra ($18). Apparently, they cost more to make for some reason. Wonder what that reason is…