Self Shot Sunday – DIY Photography

CoolStuffHunter July 28, 2013


We’ve missed a few weeks so we need to make up for it…

It’s Sunday, and that means that it’s Self Shot Sunday! The day of the week where we gather all of the submitted and sexy photos that we’ve found from around the web and share them with the cool dude nation. You’re welcome!

Self Shot Sunday Self_Shot_Sunday_2 Self_Shot_Sunday_3 Self_Shot_Sunday_4 Self_Shot_Sunday_5 Self_Shot_Sunday_6 Self_Shot_Sunday_7 Self_Shot_Sunday_8 Self_Shot_Sunday_9 Self_Shot_Sunday_10 Self_Shot_Sunday_11 Self_Shot_Sunday_12 Self_Shot_Sunday_13 Self_Shot_Sunday_14 Self_Shot_Sunday_15 Self_Shot_Sunday_16 Self_Shot_Sunday_17 Self_Shot_Sunday_18 Self_Shot_Sunday_19 Self_Shot_Sunday_20 Self_Shot_Sunday_21 Self_Shot_Sunday_22 Self_Shot_Sunday_23 Self_Shot_Sunday_24 Self_Shot_Sunday_25 Self_Shot_Sunday_26 Self_Shot_Sunday_27 Self_Shot_Sunday_28 Self_Shot_Sunday_29 Self_Shot_Sunday_30