3 Reasons Why Predator Is The Manliest Movie of All Time

inTIMidator June 29, 2014

I know it’s a little older, but Predator still one of the most classic “Dude” or “Manly” movies of all time.

The 1987 macho man thriller, Predator, is the story of an elite team of commandos who are sent on a mission in a Central American jungle, only to find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior. If the story itself wasn’t enough to earn it’s way into the Dude Movie Hall of Fame, here are 3 reasons why Predator is the manliest movie of all time.

All Things Predator - Toys, Movies, and Coming Soon

1) First reason why Predator is the manliest movie of all time: Muscles

All Things Predator - Toys, Movies, and Coming SoonWith the king himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger [Dutch], leading the Predator killing squad you know that this isn’t going to be a wimpy girly man movie. Arnold, Austrian-American former professional bodybuilder, has been an iconic figure head of the dude movie industry for over 30 years, so having him in the movie should be enough. But, wait! We also have Jesse “The Body” Ventura [Blain], and Carl Weathers [Dillon]. With the combination of these three guys, Predator has to be one of the strongest movies since Pumping Iron.

Who’s got the bigger arms, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jesse Ventura?

2) Second reason why Predator is the manliest movie of all time: The One Liners

There are literally, about 50 one liners (ok, ok, they aren’t “one liner’s,” but you know what I mean) that are classic from this movie. I’ve selected my favorite three courtesy of: IMDb

Top Quote #1All Things Predator - Toys, Movies, and Coming Soon

[after Dutch has nailed a guy to the wall with his knife]
Dutch: Stick around.

Top Quote #2

[Dutch is talking to the General]
Dutch: So why don’t you use the regular army? What do you need us for?
Dillon:Cause some damn fool accused you of being the best.
[Dutch turns around and sees Dillon sitting in a chair in another room]
Dutch: Dillon! You son of a bitch!
[They arm wrestle in mid-air during a handshake, Dillon is apparently losing the contest]
Dutch: What’s the matter? The CIA got you pushing too many pencils? Huh? Had enough?
Dillon: Make it easy on yourself, Dutch.
[Dillon begins to lose further]
Dillon: OK, OK, OK!
Dutch: You never did know when to quit, huh?
Dillon: Damned good to see ya, Dutch.
Dutch: What is this fucking tie business?
Dillon: Aw, come on, forget about my tie, man.

Top Quote #3

Poncho: You’re bleeding, man. You’re hit.
Blain: I ain’t got time to bleed.
Poncho: [Confused] Oh… Okay…
Poncho: [Poncho shoots a bunch of grenades up to the top of the cliff] You got time to duck?

3) Third reason why Predator is the manliest movie of all time: The Gratuitous Use Of Ammo

Dude movies are not about moderation or making sure you have enough ammo for the final scene… As a warning the following scene has been rated M for Manly. Viewing this movie clip (gif) for an extended period of time may cause spontaneous hair growth in the chest area, a deepening of the vocal chords and a burning desire to tell your significant other to watch her own freak’n purse!

In conclusion, the original Predator is not only a movie that every man should see but, it’s a movie that should be a requirement in high school right after auto shop.

What do you dudes think? Is Predator the manliest movie of all time? If not Predator, then what movie?

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On a side note I’ve included a cool behind the scenes clip of Kevin Peter Hall, the guy who played the predator in both the first and second movie.

The Guy Who Played The Predator

And, just for fun…

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