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CoolDudeStuff.com was made by dudes, for dudes. The goal when developing CoolDudeStuff was to build a wide range of content from numerous and unique points of view, which is why each and every visitor to CoolDudeStuff has the ability to submit articles of their own. Read more about becoming a contributor here.

From DudeToys to Dudettes to Dude! That’s Funny, CoolDudeStuff offers something for every dude out there on a daily basis. And, with our partner, PushChannels.com, we are able to deliver it to our subscribers in real-time via “DudeMail”.

No longer will dudes need to continually log into numerous sites to stay up to date with the newest content on the web. At CoolDudeStuff, everything is compiled into a single place and then emailed or texted to you as new content appears.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy being a dude at CoolDudeStuff.com.

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